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I really miss your UT99 run and gun sniper server

Hey yall,

I used to play a lot around 8-10 years ago on your run and gun freestyle server, and it was the best place to be. I recently installed UT99 again and all I can find are camping servers, which are fine, but I'm really chasing that nostalgic feeling I used to get of just telefragging people on your servers between head shots.

Either way, I just wanted to say thanks for having such an impact on my life back then, those were some great times that I'll never forget.

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Hi G-Rad. We did have some great times back then for sure. There are a few of us still around playing a variety of games and just being with friends. Storm set up a Discord server for us to use, so install that and come on and visit with us sometime. Cool


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I really miss your UT99 run and gun sniper server