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no more ut99 server?

I just retorrented this game again. I had very fond memories of playing on the run n gun server about 5 years ago all the time. I remember that the server had a perfect teleporter for telefraging and that was one of my favorite things to do...oh what fun. i've tried to connect to the server listed here http://www.saints-n-sinners.com/node/1550 but it doesn't work. did you guys close down this server forever or what?

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Hi cpt oo7, yeah, sorry to say we don't have that server anymore. We no longer play any Unreal games. We are now playing the Call of Duty games, Medal of Honor, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3. I'm afraid I have not kept that page you linked to updated...completely forgot about that page....lol

Use this link to see our current servers:


I'm not sure how many people are still playing UT99, but you should give one of the Call of Duty games a try....Call of Duty is the closeest thing to UT99 as you'll find.

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no more ut99 server?