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BF4 Server Migration

This will not effect you but it means I will have to make adjustments for GameTracker, procon, pbbans, and bigbrotherbot:


Dear Customers,

Since the launch of Battlefield 4, we have provisioned an immense quantity of new Dedicated Servers to each of our hosting locations, ensuring that we could provide the absolute best performance possible to our customers. As the player and server population have now stabilized, we have found that a portion of our Battlefield 4 hosting nodes are no longer necessary, housing only a few servers that do not require the incredible capacity these machines are built to endure. As such, we will be transferring a small segment of our hosted Battlefield 4 servers to other nodes to ensure that we can continue to provide not only sheer performance and stability but efficiency as well.

If you are receiving this message, one or more of your servers is planned for transfer during this migration. We do understand the importance of your player base, and as such will handle all transfers with a sense of urgency and care. Please note the following...

- Battlefield 4 Server ID Files will be transferred to the new location. This will keep your server information persistent and player's that have favorited your server will not be lost.
- The Migration will result in an IP Address change for your server. This will have no effect in most cases, but note that some 3rd party tracking services such as Game Tracker will require that you relist your servers.
- If your ProCon layer does not work after this migration, please backup any potential plugins and configuration followed by a re-installation and re-application of the backup. If you are in need of assistance to perform this change, feel free to open a ticket and we will happily assist!

START: January 10th, 2014 03:00AM EST
FINISH: January 10th, 2014 09:00AM EST

We appreciate your understanding in this matter and do welcome any questions.
Please feel free to submit a support ticket to us any time at https://clients.fragnet.net

The Fragnet Team

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Thanks for all the work you do on the servers Storm.

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Thanks Storm

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BF4 Server Migration