SSaceruler:)8 months 20 hours ago
SS_AceHello Haz! good to hear from ya. Be well! Maybe see you soon :)8 months 20 hours ago
HazHey all, been super busy hence not been on, working and that, back to UK times so can't really get on and out at weekends, hope you are all well!8 months 1 week ago
SS_WraithHappy New Year everybody10 months 4 weeks ago
SS_AceMerry Christmas and happy new year all!!11 months 4 days ago
SS_StormMerry Christmas Kboom! Merry Christmas everyone! (C)11 months 5 days ago
SS_KBOOMMerry Christmas! I hope everyone is healthy and had a good year.11 months 1 week ago
SS_Sandmanill tell ya about it tonight1 year 1 day ago
SS_StormI was starting to get worried about you Sandman.1 year 1 day ago
SS_Sandmanhey guys ill be on tonight1 year 1 day ago
SS_StormAnyone seen Ace? He said he'd be on in a day or two, but that was 2 months (C)1 year 8 months ago
HazWhere is everyone? :p1 year 10 months ago
SS_StormWell, in fs19, your farm has become overgrown with weeds, your crops have rotted, your animals have died, bla bla bla!1 year 10 months ago
SS_AceLinux stuff1 year 10 months ago
SS_AceI should be back on In a day or two. I been working on figuring out how to set up a NAS server at home.1 year 10 months ago
SS_StormNo worries mate! (C)1 year 10 months ago
HazThanks for sorting that username change for me, Storm!1 year 10 months ago
SS_StormMerry Christmas Haz!1 year 11 months ago
dirtyhazMerry Christmas! @Storm - You know, the usual stuff! Hehe :D1 year 11 months ago
SS_WraithMerry Christmas sinners1 year 11 months ago
SS_BonesMerry Christmas peeps will be online tonight1 year 11 months ago
SS_AceCan anyone see the Globe in the top-righ block of this site...with the visitors statistics? Hasn't worked for me in a while.1 year 11 months ago
SS_AceBF V is $29.99 & Ghost Recon Wildlands is $17.99.1 year 11 months ago
SS_AceHo Ho Ho...downloading more games1 year 11 months ago
SS_StormHO! HO! HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS ya bums. (C)1 year 11 months ago
SS_StormYeah, been a long time Haz. Where in the world have ya been?1 year 11 months ago
dirtyhazWoah! It has been SO LONG! Anyone remember me? How's everyone doing? Merry early Xmas!1 year 11 months ago
SS_AceStill installing games. BF4 & Borderlands 2 still downloading. I plan to come on tomorrow.1 year 11 months ago
SS_AceHappy Thanksgiving!! Anyone tried BF-5?2 years 4 days ago
SS_WraithHey KBOOM,hope you are well2 years 3 weeks ago
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