SS_StormHey Haz! How's it going? (ci)5 years 11 months ago
dirtyhazHi guys, no time no see! Anyone up for a game of BF4?5 years 11 months ago
SS_StormI'll be on.5 years 11 months ago
SS_AceAnyone playing tonight?5 years 11 months ago
SS_44Magnumill be on in a few minutes got to do a restart my ping is jumping all over in case anyone is playing tonight5 years 11 months ago
SS_WraithHey Bones5 years 12 months ago
SS_AceHey Bones. how's it going 8)6 years 18 hours ago
SS_Sandmanhey stranger! how ya been vro?6 years 6 days ago
SS_BonesHowdy Sinners long time6 years 6 days ago
SS_Sandmanyup! still works6 years 2 weeks ago
SS_StormHowdy! (ci)6 years 2 weeks ago
SSaceruler(L) (B) (C) :)6 years 2 weeks ago
SSacerulertesting 8)6 years 2 weeks ago
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