SSacerulerkojak, you have member access to forums now. Ace3 years 7 months ago
SS_AceI think Storm has a 99 server up ?3 years 7 months ago
SS_AceEveryone have a good Thanksgiving weekend! Out of town until Monday right now. Be back on soon. :)3 years 7 months ago
SS_Sandmanhope everyone had a great turkey day. i did3 years 7 months ago
SS_GhostDogNew job is with gov't - handle all the computers within the agency - pay not the greatest but the bennies are great - thats what i need now - 2 - maybe 3 years to retirement!3 years 7 months ago
SS_GhostDogGood Gawd - Hog still around - hows it going bud - yeah been too many years - hey Mag and Wraith. Going pretty good here - lost the "GOOD" job - I was the highest paid UT player - EVER!! LOL!3 years 7 months ago
SS_44MagnumHey GhostDog , How ya doing?3 years 7 months ago
SS_WraithHey Ghost3 years 7 months ago
SS_GroundHogHey Ghost! How many years has it Been?3 years 7 months ago
SS_GhostDogWaddup Ace! Anyone still playing UT99?3 years 8 months ago
SS_AceKojak. You need to register on our site so I can get your access set up.3 years 8 months ago
SS_AceHey Ghost! how's it going? Sry to hear about the job. We'd love to have you join us on Discord and see what we're playing these days. 8)3 years 8 months ago
SS_GhostDogA real shoult-out from a Ghost! Whats up peeps. Lost my job where I played ALOT - not I finally got a machine at home and getting back into playing a bit! Hope to see some of you soon (in my sights) LOL3 years 8 months ago
SS_StormNo problem.3 years 8 months ago
SS_AceRunning a little late. Not home just yet. Will be on in a little bit.3 years 8 months ago
SS_StormHowdy Ace, get on and play some with us.3 years 8 months ago
SS_AceI'm here. Nothing's changed by my lazy Arse getting on here. Thinking about gaming again with all the BF1 commercials. :)3 years 8 months ago
SS_StormAnyone seen Ace? I've not seen hide nor hair of him in a long time. 8)3 years 8 months ago
SS_44Magnum(B)3 years 9 months ago
SS_44Magnumwheres all these sinners at ? I got the Coffee on !!!!!!!!!!!3 years 9 months ago
SS_DEEZAll is good gonna try and get the old puter up and running this week3 years 9 months ago
SS_acerno prob bro3 years 10 months ago
SS_44MagnumThanks Acer3 years 10 months ago
SS_acerhey Mag i got that gtx 470 u can have if u want it3 years 10 months ago
SS_StormHello Deez...long time no see buddy....hope you're doing well.3 years 10 months ago
SS_DEEZWassup sinners3 years 10 months ago
SS_Stormlol.....I'l be around tonight for some action. (ci)3 years 10 months ago
SS_44MagnumI think everyone needs to drink some heavy duty coffee ,wake up and get on here to frag lol3 years 10 months ago
SS_Sandmanwe are out sinning3 years 10 months ago
SS_44Magnumok its saturday 9:18 do you know where our sinners are ?3 years 11 months ago
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