SSacerulerkojak, you have member access to forums now. Ace3 years 10 months ago
SS_AceI think Storm has a 99 server up ?3 years 10 months ago
SS_AceEveryone have a good Thanksgiving weekend! Out of town until Monday right now. Be back on soon. :)3 years 10 months ago
SS_Sandmanhope everyone had a great turkey day. i did3 years 10 months ago
SS_GhostDogNew job is with gov't - handle all the computers within the agency - pay not the greatest but the bennies are great - thats what i need now - 2 - maybe 3 years to retirement!3 years 10 months ago
SS_GhostDogGood Gawd - Hog still around - hows it going bud - yeah been too many years - hey Mag and Wraith. Going pretty good here - lost the "GOOD" job - I was the highest paid UT player - EVER!! LOL!3 years 10 months ago
SS_44MagnumHey GhostDog , How ya doing?3 years 10 months ago
SS_WraithHey Ghost3 years 10 months ago
SS_GroundHogHey Ghost! How many years has it Been?3 years 10 months ago
SS_GhostDogWaddup Ace! Anyone still playing UT99?3 years 10 months ago
SS_AceKojak. You need to register on our site so I can get your access set up.3 years 10 months ago
SS_AceHey Ghost! how's it going? Sry to hear about the job. We'd love to have you join us on Discord and see what we're playing these days. 8)3 years 10 months ago
SS_GhostDogA real shoult-out from a Ghost! Whats up peeps. Lost my job where I played ALOT - not I finally got a machine at home and getting back into playing a bit! Hope to see some of you soon (in my sights) LOL3 years 10 months ago
SS_StormNo problem.3 years 10 months ago
SS_AceRunning a little late. Not home just yet. Will be on in a little bit.3 years 10 months ago
SS_StormHowdy Ace, get on and play some with us.3 years 10 months ago
SS_AceI'm here. Nothing's changed by my lazy Arse getting on here. Thinking about gaming again with all the BF1 commercials. :)3 years 10 months ago
SS_StormAnyone seen Ace? I've not seen hide nor hair of him in a long time. 8)3 years 11 months ago
SS_44Magnum(B)4 years 1 week ago
SS_44Magnumwheres all these sinners at ? I got the Coffee on !!!!!!!!!!!4 years 1 week ago
SS_DEEZAll is good gonna try and get the old puter up and running this week4 years 2 weeks ago
SS_acerno prob bro4 years 4 weeks ago
SS_44MagnumThanks Acer4 years 1 month ago
SS_acerhey Mag i got that gtx 470 u can have if u want it4 years 1 month ago
SS_StormHello Deez...long time no see buddy....hope you're doing well.4 years 1 month ago
SS_DEEZWassup sinners4 years 1 month ago
SS_Stormlol.....I'l be around tonight for some action. (ci)4 years 1 month ago
SS_44MagnumI think everyone needs to drink some heavy duty coffee ,wake up and get on here to frag lol4 years 1 month ago
SS_Sandmanwe are out sinning4 years 1 month ago
SS_44Magnumok its saturday 9:18 do you know where our sinners are ?4 years 2 months ago
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