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server showing /connection issues

whats up sinners .I have windows 7 cod 4 has decided too not show or connect to any servers .anyone else had this issue ,it work fine a month or so ago also ut 99 does same thing .hoping I don't have to wipe it lmao .Ive got the free upgrade to full version of windows 10 but ive heard bad things about it .what to do hahahahaha

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Howdy Deez, if your pc has the resources to run win 10, I would take the plunge and upgrade. Personally I like win 10 and don't have any complaints.

If you are not seeing any servers in your cod4 or ut99 browser, I would try:

Check your firewall and make sure those games have all the required ports open.

Maybe something in your ini or config files are messed up. Delete and let the games create new ones.

If you can't resolve the problem, reinstall the games.

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server showing /connection issues