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still screwing up

ok i have unistalled 99 a few times and still nothing used all the open gls 3d8's everything i could find. i still get stuck and cant move and the opening movie for 99 goes like 500 miles an hour i am at a loss!

nvidia 7600 gs
amd athlon 4300plus 64 by 2 dual core
300 gig hd
2 gig ram

i am at a loss and about to give up on games all together

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Are you saying that you get stuck and you freeze up while playing online?

Turn on v sync in your video card settings if you don't want the fast fps in the opening fly-bye movie. note: with v sync on, you will only get as many fps as what you have your monitor refresh rate set at.

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I have a AMD am24600+ windsor (64bit), Asus EN7950GX2 and this link worked for me:


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still screwing up