SS_AceStill installing games. BF4 & Borderlands 2 still downloading. I plan to come on tomorrow.2 years 6 months ago
SS_AceHappy Thanksgiving!! Anyone tried BF-5?2 years 6 months ago
SS_WraithHey KBOOM,hope you are well2 years 7 months ago
SS_StormGood to hear from ya KBOOM. Hope all has been well for you and your family. Get on with us sometime. (C)2 years 7 months ago
SS_acerHey SS_KBOOM long time no see. how u been2 years 7 months ago
SS_KBOOMHi Guys! It has been a while since I was on. Hope all are doing well. Just wanted to check and see what yall are playing now.2 years 7 months ago
SS_StormYeah, bout the same games as always Ace....don't be a stranger and get on and play sometime.2 years 8 months ago
SS_AceWhat games are we playing these days. FS, CoD, others? 8)2 years 8 months ago
SS_StormWe've been wondering where you've been. Quit streaming that damn Netflix! (C)2 years 11 months ago
SS_acerout of data. be back after the 21 st2 years 11 months ago
SS_acerok bf4 working... win 10 D/L drivers for video card 388.xx ... turned off driver update.3 years 1 month ago
SS_DEEZWassup Sinners hope all is well miss you all .3 years 3 months ago
SS_Sandmanhappy new year boys3 years 5 months ago
SS_WraithHappy New Year3 years 5 months ago
SS_StormHappy New Year!! (C)3 years 5 months ago
SS_AceHappy New Year everyone!3 years 5 months ago
SS_BonesHappy holidays everyone hope new years is a blast cheers peeps3 years 5 months ago
SS_StormYeah, we still just got to take the time to get on and play.3 years 6 months ago
SS_Bonesjust waiting for xmas to arrive not sure what game yet3 years 6 months ago
SS_AceAnyone out there. Anyone playing any games. I gut got the ww2 game on sale & installed it. Anyone do FS or BF?3 years 6 months ago
SS_StormWe played the wasn't anything special,,,but that is just my opinion.3 years 7 months ago
SS_AceAny COD WWII takers? Thinking about getting it.3 years 7 months ago
SS_acerthis is cool .. years 8 months ago
SS_acerEpic's fornite battlegrounds is fun and free to play.need to team up and play.3 years 8 months ago
SS_Storm years 8 months ago
SS_StormIt's ok...nothing special as far as I can tell. It plays like the previous cod releases. Hackers already in the game...what a shame.3 years 8 months ago
SS_Bonesgame plays well ,i like it so far3 years 8 months ago
SS_acerme too3 years 8 months ago
SS_Bonesi,m down loading it now3 years 8 months ago
SS_StormCall of Duty WW2 beta free to play this weekend so now is your chance to try it out without buying it. If you snooze you lose so get er (C)3 years 8 months ago
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