SS_44Magnumzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz3 years 8 months ago
SS_StormThanks Ace.3 years 9 months ago
SS_Storm(C)3 years 9 months ago
SS_Ace8)3 years 9 months ago
SS_StormOh...emojis are not working for me.3 years 9 months ago
SS_StormNever did see ya Ace....must have missed ya. )83 years 9 months ago
SS_AceNice. I'll get on some tomorrow evening for some BF43 years 10 months ago
SS_acer this is the game we played last nite..its unlisted so use the link to watch3 years 10 months ago
SS_StormI'll be there to put some holes in your a$$...hahaha3 years 10 months ago
SS_CyKillerOk all!!! I got me a new computer and now i can beat all of you up. we need all SS to come on and play. Getting a little boring.3 years 10 months ago
SS_WraithHappy 4th July Sinners3 years 11 months ago
SS_DEEZgood lol3 years 12 months ago
SS_DEEZAll is god what games we playing3 years 12 months ago
SS_WraithHey Deez,how are you?4 years 10 hours ago
SS_AceHi Deez, how's it going?4 years 12 hours ago
SS_StormHey what's happening Deez?4 years 12 hours ago
SS_DEEZWassup Sinners4 years 20 hours ago
SS_StormYeah, I can do that.4 years 2 weeks ago
SS_AceStorm, can UT4 be added to the Discord list? I love that game now with the zark & translo.4 years 2 weeks ago
SS_Wraithi found it on steam by typing in rising storm4 years 3 weeks ago
SS_Sandmando you have a link for the dl for Rising Storm Vietnam beta4 years 3 weeks ago
SS_Sandmannice GH. cya then4 years 3 weeks ago
SS_StormSweet!4 years 3 weeks ago
SS_GroundHogPc is up and running. Just ordered a LOGITECH G430 DTS Headphone. Be shoutin at yall soon:-)4 years 3 weeks ago
SS_StormRising Storm Vietnam beta is free to play this weekend. Now is your chance to play it to see if you like it without having to buy it first. (C)4 years 3 weeks ago
SS_AceGlad to hear GH.4 years 4 weeks ago
SS_WraithThats awesome GH,great to hear from you4 years 4 weeks ago
SS_StormGood to hear GH! (Y)4 years 1 month ago
SS_44MagnumAwesome news GH we miss ya!!!!!4 years 1 month ago
SS_GroundHogHey guys. Building a new pic! I'll be online wit uguys soon-:)4 years 1 month ago
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