SS_44Magnumok ,where is everyone?4 years 1 month ago
SS_Ace:)4 years 1 month ago
SS_Sandmanhey Bones4 years 1 month ago
SS_44MagnumHey Bones ,How are ya?4 years 1 month ago
SS_acerHEY bones4 years 1 month ago
SS_BonesHello peeps long time .hows everyone4 years 1 month ago
SS_44MagnumAwesome!!!!!!!!! Ace !cant wait to hear from GH4 years 2 months ago
SS_WraithHappy Easter4 years 2 months ago
SS_44MagnumHappy Easter All!!!!4 years 2 months ago
SS_Acehave a good Easter everyone.4 years 2 months ago
SS_AceGH getting a new computer soon, looking at hardware now. :)4 years 2 months ago
SS_44MagnumWhere is Everybody ? Wake up Sinners4 years 2 months ago
SS_44MagnumHello Sinners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!4 years 2 months ago
SS_44MagnumHello Acer4 years 2 months ago
SS_acerHEY mag4 years 2 months ago
SS_44Magnumbzzzzzbzzzzz4 years 2 months ago
SS_44MagnumI should be on tonight if we can get more folks on to play .see ya then !4 years 3 months ago
SS_StormAll right then! 8)4 years 5 months ago
SS_44Magnumlets get the Coffee on !!!!!!!!!!!!! And get on here and play something even if its guess who this is lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!4 years 5 months ago
SS_Leadfoothappy new year to all involved.4 years 5 months ago
SS_AceHappy New Year! 8)4 years 5 months ago
SS_44MagnumHappy New Years!4 years 5 months ago
SS_WraithHappy New Year4 years 5 months ago
SS_44MagnumMERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!4 years 5 months ago
SS_WraithMerry Christmas Everyone4 years 5 months ago
SS_AceMerry Christmas everyone!4 years 5 months ago
SS_StormHey good to see you Leadfoot. Hurry and get that new pc going so you can get back on with us.4 years 5 months ago
SS_StormMerry Christmas everyone!4 years 5 months ago
SS_Sandmanhey Lead. get your but in here lol. i wish all you sinners out a merry xmass4 years 5 months ago
SS_LeadfootHi I am building a gaming PC and I think it might Work I hope everyone has a great Christmas weekend !4 years 5 months ago
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